Nancy's Story

Nuensie “Nancy” Suku Oakley was born into poverty in Thailand and suffered rape and other abuse before becoming a successful businesswoman and author who now resides in Texas. She will share the journey she made from poor girl who attended school barefoot and sold water from a temple to successful real estate and retail entrepreneur. Oakley has shared her story with audiences and readers throughout the world, writing two books, appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and being selected as one of Divine Magazine’s “35 People Who Inspire!” Her first book, The Quest for Serendipity, focuses on the tenacious path she took from the slums of Thailand to San Antonio’s River Walk. Her second, The Road to Success, is meant to guide small business owners as they seek to achieve their professional and personal dreams. “You should be doing something every day to reach your goal,” says Oakley. “Every goal is attainable if you take small, incremental steps on a daily basis.” Oakley came to the United States during the Vietnam War. She worked in civil service for more than 20 years before turning first to real estate and then to retail. Through her Thai Princess non-profit organization, she assists other women who have been victims of domestic violence. Nuensie is a sought aft er public speaker and has shared her experiences on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, Inside Edition and CBS. She has been featured in People Magazine, has been interviewed by TIME Magazine and is being featured in three publications in San Antonio, Texas where she resides and is known by her celebrity name, Nancy Oakley.