November 19, 2011 – As “The Quest for Serendipity” made its way to and, as well as other major booksellers this past week, there has already

been a strong buzz about its potential for a movie. The true story of one woman’s

hardships as a young girl and that carried through to her adulthood offer a touching tale

of inspiration that cannot be replicated.

Growing up with an alcoholic father and a business minded mother, the author Nuensie

gives her readers a glimpse of life in Thailand just as the Vietnam War was getting hot and

dangerous. One girl’s dreams of becoming famous are shattered when her innocence is

stolen away on a foolish adventure.

Thinking her only way out of the harsh reality of life as a Thailand peasant is to marry an

American man, young Nuensie captivates the heart of a U.S. soldier and moves to Utah.

After their once peaceful relationship becomes abusive, Nuensie bears two children who

become victims of a corrupt system.

Years of searching for her children finally leads Nuensie to a new life in Texas, but not

without several near-death experiences along the way. One phone call then changes her

life as Nuensie learns about the brutal murder of her sister and its subsequent


“The Quest for Serendipity” is Nuensie Suku’s breakthrough novel and represents her own

personal life story as told by writer Anne Violette. Nuensie also has another soon-to-be

released book, entitled “The Road to Success”. The second book is a business-related genre

that relives Nuensie’s own path to wealth. Both books will hit the store shelves before the

holidays, as well as being available for purchase online through major retailers such as

Barnes and Noble, Amazon and others.

“The Quest for Serendipity” has slashed sales projections for its first couple of weeks on

the street. Much of its success is attributed to the unique market niche it caters to, as

well as several media interviews that Nuensie Suku has been offered. Women who have

ever suffered through an abusive relationship, as well as immigrants who can relate to

Nuensie’s arrival in the U.S. and the feelings of ‘fitting in’ with society’s mold are just a

couple of the market segments who have found interest in Nuensie’s own personal


“I wanted to inspire other people who have endured a distressed childhood or any type

of abuse,” Ms. Suku explained as her reason for writing the book. “If other women

reading it can reach out for help, they too can find the success or love or anything in

life they want to achieve.”

If you would like to purchase a copy of “The Quest for Serendipity”, it can be found on or

The author is an avid lover of books and owns a brand new bookstore in San Antonio,

Texas. Thai Princess Bookshop is an Indie bookstore that caters to self-published authors.

Nancy currently has 6 stores which are of bookshops, jewelry stores and giftshops and controls millions of assets, a member of various non-profit organizations against domestic violence and whose book is soon to be turned into a film.

For more information or to reach the author, please contact Nuensie directly at: 210-849-7376 or 830-312-3257 Or send an email directly to: for more information.

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