Nancy Oakley

Those of us who have struggled in a life of grave hardships and tragedies , but are strong enough to speak or write about them, bring out deep emotions  and add intense memories.

Nuensie Suku is that one woman willing to tell a compelling life story of tragedy and persistence as she uses her courage to strive for happiness and prosperity.

Nancy knew at an early age what she wanted to achieve in her life.  The gift of seeing her dream, imagining an abundant future and knowing she was to create her own destiny was always a “given” from God.

In her bestselling book, “The Quest for Serendipity” Nancy describes paths she took, the decisions she regrets and all of the staggering setbacks she endured while she deeply felt she slipped in and out of God’s hands.

Her leaving a dysfunctional family at age fifteen began her escape from poverty.  Shedding her label as a peasant, her travels away from her family proved a distressing journey. 

With hopes of generating people around her that would enhance her dreams, she instead encountered despicable characters that threatened her physically and mentally.

What began as romantic relationships often turned to possessive and or violent behaviors.  She continually faced prejudice against nationalities and women.  As years passed, Nuensie survived any hardship she was confronted with and placed herself thousands of miles from her homeland of Thailand.  As a resident of the United States, her innate people skills and bartering skills were put to use in real estate markets.  Remembering how she as a child successfully traded water from a temple for money and food motivated her sense of business.

Along with becoming profitable in property markets, she owned and operated high-end retail stores. As an entrepreneur in a book store enterprise, she was inspired to begin writing herself.  She has marketing novels and self-help business books nationwide.

Nuensie who knew poverty, struggles, hardships, violence, and discrimination transformed to Nancy, a successful, compassionate, generous survivor among women with true tenacity and faith in God.

Nuensie released her novel, The Quest for Serendipity, which became the first selling success of four additional novels, The Road to Success, You’re the Boss, The Thai Sanction, and her most recent release, A Cup of Tea.  Full length feature films are in production for several of her works, with a movie trailer completed for The Quest for Serendipity.

The true story of surviving personal tragedy, advice to readers to practice persistence and follow your heart and dreams, and accurate business advice can be found on the pages of Nuensie’s inspirational, easy-to-read books.

 Nuensie is a sought after public speaker and has shared her experiences on the Oprah Windfrey Show, 20/20, Inside Edition and CBS.   She has been featured in People Magazine, has been interviewed by TIME Magazine and is being featured in three publications in San Antonio, Texas where she resides and is known by her celebrity name, Nancy Oakley.

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